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My favourite pulehu chicken recipe- Easy and tasty

Enjoy the Delicious Pulehu Chicken Recipe

There are only Four ingredients and 30 minutes required to prepare this Pulehu Chicken with a Hawaiian flair. Ginger, salt, and pepper are added to chicken thighs before they are grilled until the edges are charred and crispy. When you do need to quickly serve delicate meat off the barbecue to the table, this recipe is ideal.

“Pulehu,” which is pronounced “pu’-lee-hu,” is Hawaiian for “cook over hot coal.” Chicken thighs prepared with this method are really wonderful! Thighs of Chicken, salt, pepper, ginger, soy sauce, and a grill are required.

Fantastic Pulehu chicken is served in the fast-casual Hawaiian eatery Mo’ Bettahs which offers Pulehu chicken Mo betta. You can easily prepare this straightforward Hawaiian chicken meal at home with the help of these detailed directions, which is useful if there aren’t any Mo’ Bettahs restaurants close by.

Grilled chicken thighs with black pepper, garlic, and sea salt make up Pulehu chicken Mo betta. or Pulehu chicken Mo bettahs.

Ingredients Required

A delectable marinade serves as the recipe’s foundation. It’s incredibly simple to prepare, and it works best if you put the chicken thighs to the bowl or zip-top bag before you add the marinade ingredients.

Chicken thighs – Meat that is dark is tastier and more tender than white meat, therefore it isn’t always necessary to marinade it. Chicken breasts are an additional option.

Black pepper, soya sauce, dried ginger, and garlic powder are all you need for a simple marinade to imitate Hawaiian flavors. For your personal dry rub, feel free to experiment with other spices and raw ginger.

Alternatively, you can use Ono seasoning, a Hawaiian condiment prepared with, cracked pepper, salt ginger, garlic, and Alaa salt.

Procedure to make Pulehu Chicken

pulehu chicken

Whether talking about the Pulehu chicken Mo betta. or the homemade Pulehu chicken one should need to follow certain procedures to achieve the desired results, and a list of steps has been discussed below

  • Preparation: When the thighs have been trimmed off any extra fat, wipe them dry before putting them between two sheets of plastic wrap. The chicken should be pounded to an even, flat thickness of 1/2 inch using a hammer or rolling pin.
  • Seasoning: Then, place the thighs in a dish with the dried ingredients and coat the flesh thoroughly by rubbing the dry spices into the meat with your hands. Give it five minutes to sit so the flavors can meld. Grill on medium-high heat in the meanwhile.
  • Grilling: The seasoned chicken should be placed using tongs onto the heated grill grates and cooked for 5–6 minutes with the barbecue covered. Open the grill after that, turn each piece over, and continue cooking until the internal temperature has reached 165F.
  • Resting: Slice the chicken once it has rested for five minutes and serve it with your preferred side dishes after removing it from the grill using tongs. The chicken can even be marinated for up to 24 hours before cooking. As a result, this dish is excellent for prepping ahead of time.

Some Recipe Tips

Here are few recipe tips for cooking Pulehu Chicken:

  • To ensure that the chicken cooks evenly, remove the chicken from the refrigerator 15–30 minutes in advance.
  • Observe the grill carefully. Use tongs to transfer any portions to a cooler area of the grill if they appear to be cooking more quickly.
  • Ensure that the grilled grates are HOT before trying to generate cross-hatch grill markings. Place the chicken on the barbecue and cook for two to three minutes. After that, flip the chicken 45 degrees using tongs and cook for an additional two to three minutes. Repeat on the other side after flipping each item over.
  • The chicken must be removed from the grill as soon as the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. It must then rest for at least five minutes so that the juices can evenly distribute throughout the meat.

Serving ideas & Variations

  • Thighs are simpler to grill from becoming dry due to the added fat. The breasts of the chicken are a little thicker. If you choose to use chicken breasts, make these adjustments.
  • Chicken wings that have been grill-grilled after being covered in dry seasonings and baking soda
  • Ensure that each chicken breast is evenly thick at 1/2 inch.
  • The Pulehu seasonings and 2 tablespoons of olive oil should be incorporated into a large bowl. Add the chicken breasts and toss to coat in the oil and seasoning.
  • Cook for 3–4 minutes on each side, turning once, or until the internal temperature reaches 165°F. Before cutting, let stand for 5 minutes.
  • Adding a tablespoon of brown sugar will enhance the umami flavors in the marinade.
  • Sweet and salty marinade – Combine the Puleuhi spices with olive oil, fish sauce, soya sauce, and sesame oil. A natural meat tenderizer, brown sugar also works.
  • With white rice or brown rice and macaroni salad, Mo’ Bettahs’ meat platters can be eaten as a complete meal.

Storing with Freezing

Cooked chicken shouldn’t be left out at room temperature for more than two hours in order to prevent the formation of germs. Let leftovers cool before storing them in the refrigerator for 3–4 days in an airtight jar. You may freeze your cooked Pulehu Chicken as well. After cooling, keep the grilled chicken for three to four months in the freezer by placing it in an airtight freezer-safe container or resealable freezer-safe bag. In the refrigerator thaw before reheating.

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