pistachio martini recipe

How to make an easy 5-minute Pistachio Martini at home

Pistachio Martini is something of a novelty alcoholic drink because honestly who knew that Pistachio flavored liqueur even existed?! They are two flavors that you generally would not think of pairing together, ever. Martini lovers will have a great time trying this nutty take on their old classics! Now, this type of martini is the perfect dessert-friendly drink for people with a sweet tooth since it’s not only a refined cocktail drink but also sugary.

It is even tastier because of how it is served typically with chocolate sauce and pistachios (duh!) as garnishes in the martini glass, yum! But of course, if that’s too sweet, the garnishes can be skipped because either way, it’ll be a delicious drink to behold. It makes for the perfect after-dinner drink or dessert. The added bonus is that it is not only a unique twist to the classic martini but also colorful in its element, pistachio green!

Helpful tips for bartending at home:

When making martini drinks at home, let your creative juices flow! Food drinks are also an art form that you can use to express yourself. So experiment, add, deduct and tweak the drink to your heart’s content to suit your palette. You will specifically need to figure out the proper quantity of each ingredient to add to the drink for the desired result. As this recipe calls for pistachio liqueur, it also gives you choices because pistachio liqueur comes in two forms: creamy and clear.

Some examples of amazing pistachio liqueurs are Sogno Di Sorrento Pistachio Crema, Bottega Pistachio Liqueur, Castle Glen Pistachio Liqueur, and Faro Pistachio Liqueur, etc. So buy whatever floats your boat…. or your martini in this case. If you want a creamy liqueur but can only find clear in your local liqueur store, have no fear when half-and-half is there! Just add a splash of half-and-half before mixing it to get the creamy taste.

The traditional Pistachio Martini has liqueurs like Amaretto, Blue curacao, Limoncello, etc. But of course, experiment! Try swapping in the traditional vanilla vodka for a flavored one. To get things extra creamy, add in a scoop of vanilla ice cream or to pronounce the pistachio flavor, go for pistachio ice cream! Now when it comes to garnishing, as mentioned before, you can use chocolate sauce and Pistachio Martini.

But if you want to experiment, try using a white chocolate sauce or even caramel. As for the pistachios, make sure to finely chop them before adding them to the glass because there is nothing more daunting than an accidental choking hazard because of a rogue chunk of pistachio. You can also add mint leaves to the drink for a fresh twist of flavor, minced or whole is your choice.

pistachio martini recipe

And, chill. No really, chill all your liquid ingredients beforehand in the refrigerator. Because martinis are all about the frosty flavor variations. Add plenty of ice to your shaker before shaking to make sure the chill is prevalent in your drink. When concocting a martini, the amount of time you shimmy your shaker also has a great impact on your drink. For this martini, shake those hips for at least 30 seconds nonstop to get the drink nice and frosty!

Now, this drink is definitely on the creamier cocktail side, so instead of serving the drink with ice in the martini glass, make sure to shake the drink with ice in it and serve without the ice. But if you want to make sure the chill is going, you can serve the drink with crushed ice in it.

When decorating traditional martini cocktail rims with sugar or any garnishes, pros use lime or lemon juice, or water. But since this is a creamy sweet cocktail, sour tastes will not go well with it. So instead, use just plain water or one of the sauces mentioned above for garnishing on the rim!

But if you want to blow your guests’ minds, you can turn this martini cocktail into a way stronger drink quite easily by adding vanilla rum to it. But you can add a real twist to this drink by adding 4 ounces of Vodka to it and turning it into shots! Instead of serving them in martini glasses, serve them in shot glasses.

Then again, you can also make the drink thinner and into an after-dinner treat by adding almond milk to it and serving it in long glasses. Add a dollop of whipped cream as a topping to make it a cunning disguise for an innocent milkshake!

Traditional Pistachio Martini recipe:

Now, let’s get down to the actual traditional recipe for the pitch-perfect Pistachio Martini. The ingredients and directions are listed as follows:


  • 2 oz of Vodka
  • 2 oz of Pistachio Liqueur
  • 1 oz of Irish Cream Liqueur
  • 1.5 oz of Amaretto/Blue Curacao/Limoncello
  • Chocolate/White Chocolate sauce
  • Finely chopped pistachios
  • 3 mint leaves (2 minced, one whole)
  • Ice
How to make an easy 5-minute Pistachio Martini at home
How to make an easy 5-minute Pistachio Martini at home


Firstly, you want to take your chopped pistachios and mint leaves in a shallow dish. Take your preferred Martini glass and run the rim of it along some of your chosen sauce or just plain water. Dip the edge of the glass into the shallow dish of Pistachio Martini and mint leaves for the perfect garnished rim.

Also, swirl some of your chosen sauce inside the martini glass for some decor! Take a cocktail shaker and fill it up halfway with ice and then add in all of your liqueurs in measured amounts. Shake it all up for 30 secs and strain the drink into your prepared glass!

And just like that, you have your desired homemade Pistachio Martini! The pistachio liqueur, vodka, and other liqueurs make this a rather potent drink to sit back and enjoy. It is a deliciously creamy and dangerously alcoholic blend, so sip slowly and relish the taste with ease. Drink responsibly and make sure to keep the kids away from this colorful and flavorful drink.

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