lotus energy drink recipes

How to make delicious Lotus Energy Drink at home recipes

A flavorful refreshing drink is a good source of nutrients in the early morning or throughout the entire day. It can sometimes be difficult to create Lotus Energy Drink recipes. A large variety of tastes and color combinations are also available which means that the possible options are nearly unlimited.

Due to its nutritional benefits, this drink pretty shortly became prevalent. You can easily get one of these drinks at a local cafe, but why don’t you try making your own? We’ll show you how to make one at home now as it’s extremely simple!

What is a Lotus Drink?

Lotus Energy Drink is actually a plant-based beverage. This is actually a plant-based beverage. Lotus is produced from the lotus flower that aids in the restoration of energy and control of the nervous system. Lotus has numerous health advantages and has long been used in the medical field. As it says energy in the front section, the focus isn’t always just lip service.

It naturally contains amino acids, B vitamins, herbal caffeine, and sugar substitutes. Due to all of this variety of flavors, the lotus energy drink can create a plethora of natural drinks. Lotus has now become available in over 50 different flavors.

Lotus Energy Drink atrecipes

Combinations of Lotus Energy Drinks

A combination of fruit flavorings, herbal remedies, and vitamins that claim to give you an energy boost right away make up the Lotus energy drink. Making these recipes at home is not always a piece of cake. Recipe development for Lotus Energy Drinks can be tricky. However, you can switch up the flavors in any of these recipes to try out different combinations that you enjoy.

How to Make a Lotus Drink?

Here are the main ingredients we use to make a fresh Lotus Energy drink recipe. It is merely a starting point. Try out various types of syrup, Lotus colors, and base liquids.


  • 1 pump of Lotus Concentrate
  • 8 oz of sparkling water. (liquids like milk, tea, or coconut milk will also be okay)
  • 1 oz of flavored syrup. (It will vary depending on the flavors)
    Regular ice cube
  • 1 topping. (whatever is preferred like berries or a slice of lemon)
    Whipped cream (if you want)

Making Procedure

Take a glass. This recipe does not involve the use of any shaker or blender. Firstly add 1 pump of lotus energy concentrate to the glass. Likewise, add 8 oz of sparkling water to the glass. Then, add 1 oz of flavored syrup. It will vary according to the flavors as there is a plethora of flavored syrup on the market and each one has a distinct flavor.

You can fill the glass with whipped cream if you want. However, it is not required. Some people may enjoy it, while others may not. After that, add some ice cubes to it. At last, thoroughly mix everything together. Now it’s ready to take a sip.

Lotus Drink Flavors

There are numerous lotus energy drink recipes available, including red This recipes, purple lotus energy drink recipes, and many other best lotus drink flavors.
Lotus Energy Drink Combinations are also available based on your preferences.

Blue Lotus Energy Drink Recipes

Blue lotus energy drink recipes are a type of lotus energy drink as well. Its recipe is also pretty much similar to the other these recipes.

lotus energy drink recipes


  • Ice cubes
  • Fresh lemon juice- 5-6 ml
  • Sugar syrup- 10-15 ml
  • Limca- 180 ml
  • Blue curacao syrup- 15 ml

Making Procedure

Take a glass and fill it with ice cubes. Add freshly squeezed lemon juice to the glass. One regular lemon cube should be enough for one glass of drink. After that, add 15 ml of sugar syrup and 180 ml Limca to the glass. Lastly, fill the glass with 15ml of blue curacao syrup. Mix it properly.
Now it’s ready to drink.

Pink Lotus Energy Drink Recipes

It’s one of the most common lotus energy drinks. The basic ingredients remain the same as before. However, some selective ingredients will be added or excluded from the pink lotus energy drink recipes.


  • Ice cubes
  • Club soda- 180 ml
  • Raspberry Torani syrup 1 pump
  • Strawberry Torani syrup 1 pump
  • 1 pump of Pink lotus concentrate

Making Procedure

Fill a glass with 5-6 cubes of ice. The ice needs to be midsized. It will not cool the entire drink if it is too large. Besides that, if it is too small, it will melt too soon. Then, add 1 pump of Pink Lotus concentrate. It is the basic difference in this recipe.

After that add 1 pump of Strawberry Torani syrup and 1 pump of Raspberry Torani syrup into the glass. Some people substitute Watermelon Torani Syrup and Vanilla Torani Syrup for these two syrups. Both are tasty but have distinct flavors. At last, add 180 mL of Club soda and you’re done.

Is Lotus drink good for you?

Lotus may well be able to kill cancer cells, reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar levels, and do other things. This plant-based energy concentrate can be used to make delicious drinks! It is obviously beneficial to one’s health because when consumed in moderation, it provides numerous benefits.

Lotus Energy Drink Nutritional information

This plant-based energy concentrate is a natural drink that contains no animal products and no artificial preservatives or colors. It’s an effective way of maintaining health.

Does Lotus Energy contain caffeine?

You should be aware that the lotus energy drink contains caffeine. Caffeine consumption should be limited as caffeine may cause an increase in blood pressure.

Is Lotus Energy drink A Keto-Friendly Supplement?

Specific Lotuses like skinny lotus concentrates are Keto-friendly, whereas usually lotus concentrates in their standard form contain sugars thus they are not keto-friendly.

Do Lotus Energy Drinks contain sugar?

Lotus energy concentrates generally contain raw cane sugar and is not sugar-free. Some Lotus Energy drinks can be made sugar-free by using skinny Lotus concentrates and sugar-free syrups.

Are Lotus Energy drinks Vegan-Friendly?

Lotus Energy drink concentrates are free of dairy and gluten. The Lotus Super cream is made with dairy, which might be the only exception. So we can say that Lotus Energy Drinks are Vegan-friendly.


Lotus energy drink is not harmful to your health because it is an organic drink free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. It’s a completely healthy and safe substitute for other widely used energy drinks.

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